Environmental Policy

Pallco want to help preserve our environment by our actions affect the environment. As a subcontractor, we manufacture products of steel and aluminum. This is material that if correct treated will have a long life, giving us an overall responsibility for long-term environmental thinking. Environmental impact must be viewed in its entirety and include all links. We must think "one step" that is, thinking: "What do my actions and choices impact on our environment. It is the management and all employees' joint responsibility and a duty to comply with this policy".


An environment step with increased information and training to all employees. By taking advantage of our knowledge and experience, we continually improve our environmental efforts. All employees' commitment and skills needed in working towards a better environment.



An environmental step to, emissions and noise from plant and vehicles shall be limited as far as possible within the framework of what is reasonable in view of technology and profitability. Legislation be considered as minimum requirements in the business.



An environmental step to the exploitation of raw materials and energy must be as efficient as possible in the business, and work towards reducing waste throughout the production cycle.



An environment step by the choice of supplier and contractor to environmental aspects into account. Environment Institute of options must be selected prior to others, provided that they meet the necessary quality and profitability requirements.



An environmental step to, destruction and disposal of waste shall take place only when recycling or reuse is not suitable.



An environmental step that, when developing new products as well as investments and acquisition of facilities to the environmental aspects must be considered.



An environmental step to, results of findings from research and development into account in our environmental work.



An environmental step that, we are open and objective to report our position on the environmental issues affecting the company.


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